Course roll-scaffolding

Course roll-scaffolding

Why and for whom this course?
In this course roll-scaffolders are taught to work safe with the construction and dismantling of aluminium roll-scaffolds, to recognise and judge risks involved. After this course one is able to work safe and responsible with aluminium roll-scaffolds in practice. The course is meant for all operational scaffolders and their supervisors.

Minimum requirements: 18 years or older.

How long takes this course?
The course lasts 2 full days from 08.30 am to 17.00 pm. At the end of the second day the course is finished with a theoretical exam. If one passes the exam a DVN-GL diploma is obtained. The course will be held in Rotterdam for max 12 people.

What is being taught in this course?
• Legal aspects and guidelines
• Terminology and functions of aluminium roll-scaffold-parts
• Different kinds of aluminium roll-scaffolds
• Risks involved with aluminium roll-scaffolds
• Issues of weights and measurement of aluminium roll-scaffolds
• Practical exercises concerning working with aluminium roll-scaffolds

The course is also being taught in English, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and Lithuanian language.

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