Course first mechanic scaffolding

Course first mechanic scaffolding

Why course first mechanic scaffolding and for whom?
After passing this course participants are able to build, dismantle, recognise and judge risks of the most common scaffolds based on drawings, calculations and sketches. This course is meant for people who build and dismantle complex scaffolds and/or give lead to other mechanics scaffolders.

Minimum requirements: Full-VCA and 18 years or older, 2 years work experience or diploma mechanic scaffolder.

Duration course:
The course lasts 4 days from 09.00 am till 15.00 pm. The lesson-days are divided in 2 modules and contain, 2 days practice and 2 days theory. At the last day the theoretical and practical exam will be held. Every day the course starts at 09.00 am till 15.00 am with 2 short brakes of 15 minutes and from 12.00 till 12.30 a pause for lunch.

After completing all parts of this 4 day-course on the 5th day the exam will be held and with good result the participants will receive the DNV-GL diploma/certificate.

Content theory-part
• Guidelines scaffolds
• Terminology
• Different types of scaffolds
• Different applications of scaffolds
• Quality of scaffold-constructions
• Reading and understanding drawings/sketches
• Strength
• Organisation of work
• Working safe and efficient
• Passing over scaffolds

In addition to this theoretical part there is a lot of attention being paid to practical issues, like:
• Expansion scaffolds
• Freestanding scaffolds
• Suspension-bridge with buttresses

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